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When customers purchase a hacked Amazon account with high balance CC, they will typically receive the following information:

  1. Account Credentials: Customers will receive the login information for the Amazon account, including the username and password, allowing them to access the account.
  2. High Balance Credit Card Details: The package may include details of a credit card with a high balance. This credit card can be used for making purchases on Amazon without incurring immediate charges, essentially allowing for shopping with available credit.
  3. Account Security Measures: Information on the security measures employed in hacking the account may also be provided to assure customers of the safety and anonymity of their transactions.
  4. Guidelines and Tips: Customers may receive guidelines and tips on how to use the account and credit card discreetly and effectively to maximize their shopping experience without raising suspicion.
  5. Customer Support: Some sellers may offer customer support to assist with any issues or questions that may arise during or after the purchase.

This package comes with a guide on how to setup Drop Shipping Address if you don’t wish to use your real address to receive the goods you’ll get free from amazon using this hacked amazon account we sell to you.

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