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To many persons, hacking is an art but art itself is a noble cause. Is nobility not honor? Where’s the honor in hacking other person’s email or government database ? Above all, bank  hacking techniques are advanced and more  sophisticated than you think. Spare the next few minutes because this would change your life.


Finally, lets get started with how to hack a bank account and the bank hacking software. Few hackers claim they have the original bank hacking software and they can do bank transfers to any account in the world. Sometimes they make this software free to download and they promise you it works with windows and other operating system. Don’t be deceived, you might end up downloading a trojan, zeus bot or malware.

Do Bank Hacking Software Exist?

Hacking forums on the dark/deep web sell pdf tutorials on how to hack bank server and database using the full version and activated software.Self acclaimed hackers know nothing about bank hacking and hijacking ACH transfers, wire transfers, electronic transfers, direct deposits, echecks and ACH check conversions. Above all, no software anywhere in the world that automatically hacks bank account number or routing number. No algorithm or codes for this. There are sophisticated and malicious hacking tools but this one don’t exist.Hackers on the deep web might sell uplink hacking game to you.

Certainly there’s no software for hacking bank accounts, do people still hack the bank ?. Yes,banks get hacked but not automatically with a software. Therefore, bank hacking involves lot of process and certain information which I won’t discuss here. Furthermore bank hacking can be achieved online through phishing and infected bank mails. Hackers gain access to the admin portal and bank database using/sending  infected mail to the bank staff and the trick is done.


Our Services

Bank Hacking Software - Bank Transfer Hacker

Bank Hacking Software – Bank Transfer Hacker


Now, you’ve known how this things work so it’s time for business.
We are a professional Russian hacking group and we have come with wonderful bank transfer services. We combine a lot of tools coupled with over 15 years of experience in this field to present you with this services. We make use of powerful zeus botnets and advanced phishing and bulk mailing platform to gain access to bank login and database.

Hence, by the virtue of our abilities, bank transfers are now available to all countries especially the following countries :


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO ORDER A BANK TRANSFER FROM US. have thousands of online bank login data from different banks around the world with different available account balance. We authorize transfers from this hacked bank account and delete transaction logs after transfer is completed. Our process is safe and untraceable.

Our bank transfer hack service starts from$2,000 – to $10,000 per transfer to Personal accounts (Checking accounts, Savings accounts, Current accounts, Standard accounts). Transfers over $10,000 are available to Business or Corporate accounts only. If you require transfers over $10,000 you should contact us, the fee is not stated here but it’s negotiable.


Bank hacking transfer services is available same day for transfers below $10,000 to all countries. For other countries, transfers over $10,000 might take 2 days. Transfer Clearing time is determined by how early you place your order, if you order in the early hours of the day, you are sure to get your order completed before end of banking hours.

Same day service to UK/USA/EU/Canada/Australia – 1 to 2 business days service to Russia/Dubai/Singapore.


  • $2,000 – $4,000====== $450
  • $5,000 – $7,000====== $750
  • $8,000 – $10,000===== $1,050
  • $50,000 (VIP) =======  $5,250
  • $100,000 (VIP) ======  $10,100
  • $200,000 (VIP) ======  $20,200

Contact us for amounts over $200,000.



Bank Name : ……………
Account name : ……………
Account number: ……………
Routing number/Swift code/IBAN/IFSC: ……………

Contact us:

ICQ: billiondollarhack

Wickr: Bighack

How to Order This Services.

To order this bank transfer services, contact us here :

ICQ: billiondollarhack

Wickr: Bighack


Transfer is available to all US banks and virtually all banks worldwide, contact us and state exactly how much transfer you need including receiving country.

MOST NOTEWORTHY: We don’t give test transfers and we don’t work on percentage with first time customers, only regular customers get transfer on percentage basis. Don’t contact us begging for test or percentage, customer service  won’t respond to you.

Here are some news watch about our Bank Hacking Exploits .


February 2015, hackers hacked up to $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 30 countries in what security experts believe to be the biggest banking breach ever.

August 2014, hackers hacked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than 500 million email addresses, and also got access to industries database across the Globe.
In January 2014, hackers hit up to 110 million customers and 70 million customers information such as their name, address, phone number and e-mail address hacked in the breach.




ICQ: billiondollarhack

Wickr: Bighack



We will respond instantly and your financial freedom is guaranteed.


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  1. I was relaxing at home a couple of days ago and I saw a headline on CNN about how hackers transfer billions from bank database. I was like “WTF”? This got me curious, I took my smartphone and google about bank hacking and transfers. This was the first page I visited and YES, I got what i was looking for. I ordered for $10,000 and paid $1050 for the transfer, it was a weekend so I was asked to wait until the next business day which is Monday. At about 9:45 am on Monday morning, I got a transfer of $10,000 to my suntrust account. All thanks to CNN for making me know that this stuffs exist and many thanks to this team for coming true for me.

    • I NEED THIS EXACTLY!!! I have n son who needs extensive health care that I cannot afford. I need to take him to a private practice but they are SOOO MUCH. PLEASE HELP ME i dont want my son to die.
      This guy says he “ordered for $10,000 and paid $1050 for the transfer, it was a weekend so I was asked to wait until the next business day which is Monday. At about 9:45 am on Monday morning, I got a transfer of $10,000 !! I need something like this but I may need to do it more than once CAN ANYONE HELP ME SAVE MY SON????? PLEASE I WILL PAY YOU!!! I PRAY AND BEG PLEASE HELP ME SAVE MY SON.

  2. I lost my job and had a sh*it load of bills to pay, it seemed like everything was working against me so I googled about how to hack bank account with routing number and I got to this page. I pawned a few things and raised $750 , I ordered the $6000 transfer and I got my transfer same day.Thanks Y’all. I wish i knew of this whole thing before now.

  3. Please! I got a transfer of $35000 then I logged into my online banking account and tried transferring to my wife’s checking account, the page was loading on my browser and I thought everything was working normal. After loading, I got a message on the screen that my account has been restricted due to suspicious activities. Few minutes later I got a mail from the bank asking me to come over to the bank. Do you think it’s safe ? Do you think I should go ? Please, I need answers, I have contacted the admin but no response yet. Anyone else experiencing same ?

    • Have you got through with it since then or tell me how it goes if the transfer is still there we have some issue to package and tell the bank manager how the transfer comes in . i will be waiting for your text

  4. I’m sorry that this is coming late, I got it all fixed and I’ve been able to withdraw my funds.
    Thanks Admin for the support.
    How do i remove the previous comment ?

  5. Hi , I read about how to hack bank account and how to hack western union money transfer.
    How do I get started ? I would like to try the $4000 transfer. I’m in Act, Australia, please contact me .

  6. I am a business man from Denmark, I order a lot of goods from China. My friend introduced me to this services and I ordered goods worth $789,000 from china and used this services to pay for the goods. I only paid 10%. Nice doing business with you guys, I will use your services regularly .

  7. Good Services, Fast Delivery!
    I am also interested in online paypal hacking and paypal transfers. I happened to purchase paypal money adder software from someone on Reddit, I was only able to generate $30000 and Boom! my paypal account got restricted and they needed verification. I dunno the paypal stealth account stuff. Kindly reply my mails

    • Bonnie, is this paypal adder software legit? How can I buy it? Much thanks for the help.

  8. I want to say a BIG Thank you to phantom hacker and his team for changing my life, I started using this services few months ago and right now I am super rich. I was able to clear all my debts and now I bought a house for $386,000. At first I was skeptical but thank God i followed my guts. I am a life time customer! I’m in Act, Aussie

  9. i tried so many hacking team but i was always scammed and dubbed due to my ignorance.not quite long when i came across this team called Phantomhackers that gave me so many softwares in handling paypal,bitcoins and western union hack.i am 100% proud to say i have made more than $50000 from these softwares introduced to me by

  10. I am retired. That does not mean I am wealthy, it just means I have been receiving a fixed income in a world where the prices keep rising. I have tried several things, but since I am getting older, I realize that I need more income, but not an income where I have to produce more and more to keep up. Until a few months back, I had no idea how could I get some extra cash. So, I needed to find some things that an old guy like me can do to make money without involving much stress. I am glad I found this because it proved to be exactly what I was looking for!!! I am receiving a steady money transfer to me each week using this system for the past 2 months now. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to earn some money online but is skeptical to start but worth doing all along.

  11. Great Christmas Day , I picked up enough $15,000 at Western union agent with your service. My kids will be delighted with this special gift. you’re like Santa Claus delivering presents for the kids, and I’m one of them.
    Thank you very much and Happy New Year
    Best regards – Nelson

  12. From having doubts about this because it sounded to good to be true I have made lots of bucks of over 78k bucks I am just happy because i’ve never had any problems with the authorities. They kept to their promise of deleting transaction logs after transfer is completed.

  13. I have a story to tell. I and my wife need credit repair, so we contacted this hacker, We explained to him about all the negative items on our report (around 25 negative items and 3 positive items) on my report with total debt was around $38,000. He stated to me: Yes! I can fix it in 45 days! i was excited! Now my Husband’s credit had 15 negative items and 5 positive items. His total debt was around $19,000. After analyzing both credit he stated we can correct both within 45 days! i was like WoW. its been 6 years the last time we had good credit. It was hard for me to believe. Well we got around to the cost of credit repair. When i asked he told me our price $3000 but i will receive a discount if both (H&W) start credit repair at the same time. i was like: that is a lot of money. he agreed. he asked me: How much total you and your husband need to pay off both of your debt? i calculated a total of $57,000 in debt (H&W) he said: Well, you can pay off the $57,000. or you can pay me $7000 to correct both credit reports within 45 days. After the 45 days had passed and he provided the finished jobs the least score was 782. Both my husband and i introduced him to our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, close colleagues and friends. He is very efficient and thorough type of person, asides from being an elite, if he works for you , you never have to worry about anything backfiring ….it is permanent, contact him ( I am saying all this here Because i don’t think anyone deserves to miss the train, you want to end the bad credit? or any hacking stuff he got the keys, just mail him, this aint a scam!!

  14. Hi i am so happy to drop my comment here about the service of this guys, i’ve been scammed over 5 times seeking for this kind of service not until my colleague told me about this i was like wtf they’re all same and would run away with my bucks but after assuring me this guys are different and i decided to give it a trial despite being skeptical i realized that she was telling me the truth as i received my first transfer of $3720 transferred to me after paying $450 im so happy right now and i will surely recommend you guys to my family and friends.

  15. I was looking for legit western union hackers 2018, I wanted to learn how to hack western union mtcn number. I met a few guys on the hacking forum who claim to be expert and have western union bug software and hacking western union database server

  16. man i need alot of cash guys help me out in kenya. I have $1050 ready to get $10,000 bank transfer hack to my bank account. I will pay with bitcoin.

  17. I was at the hardest time of my life. I lost my job, and the bills keep coming to my rent house. I was exhausted, hungry and devastated. But God is there when we are in the worst situation as you act like the lifesaver. Western Union hacker and bank transfer hacking brought me $50,000 but moreover you brought the hope and believe that this life never end
    God Blesss all you guys

  18. I need to pay my debts and increase my income which is very small to compare with today expenses from rent to daily needs and I need to get a new laptop to work after my day shift at me at home. Please tell me the process! Looking to get started with $450.

  19. This guys has been around since 2010 when i first used their services and lost contacts after a while. I’m impressed they are still available , phantom hackers are the only legit bank transfer hackers I’ve seen in a while, I first saw this services on Alpha bay market place on the dark web. Right now i want you guys to help me transfer $30,000 USD. to my account please tell me the requirement and am ready to go on with it contact me on my email for the details on how to carry this on thanks.

  20. Hello, please how do I start am interested I need $100000 urgently please tell me the requirement.kindly reply my Mail thanks

  21. Hello, I am from UK I am in desperate need of money to revive my business and also set up branches, this is why I searched Can a hacker hack bank websites and internet banking?. I am considering using this service I just want to know how much it would cost to get a $750,000 bank transfer. your reply would be appreciated

  22. How do Hackers Hack Bank Accounts and Personal Information?

    Most people studying hacking have a keen interest in learning how to can hack bank accounts. They become discouraged with the prevailing perception that it is almost impossible to hack credit cards, debit cards, or net banking passwords, which is not true because phantomhackers have proven its very possible. They combine contemporary methods that hackers use to hack bank accounts. The most used method is SQL injection and 70% of database are vulnerable to SQL injection. I recommend this services, its safe to do business with them.I have been using this services for over 5 years and phantom hackers have always delivered 100%.

    • Hi Leon,

      Can you please tell me how much of a transfer you received from this service and is it still working ? Thanks man.

  23. Do you want to hack into your school’s site to upgrade your scores, do you want to hack into​ any account, hacked western union online account transfer, look no further just mail

  24. I was scammed many times until i came across PHANTOM HACKERS they sent me $46,000 through the hacked transfer .I am really glad i met them try this friends it really works this is unbelievable. Now I am a loyal phantom hacks client and i give them credits for their works.

  25. Hello, I am from UAE I am in desperate need of money to revive my business and also set up branches, this is why I searched. I am considering using this service I just want to know how much it would cost to get a $1,500,000 bank transfer. your reply would be appreciated

  26. phantom hackers who helped me hack into my boyfriend’s phone activities remotely, it was like a miracle when he helped me clone my boyfriend’s phone and I got first-hand information from his phone. Now I get all his incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, call logs, web browsing history, photos and videos, instant messengers(Facebook, Whatsapp, bbm, IG, Viber, etc), GPS locations, phone to get live transmissions on all phone conversations.. if you need help contact him on . I never knew that a phone could be hacked without having physical access with it, all Robert asked for were a few information on my partner and he showed me PROOF immediately he got into the phone. Tell him i referred you

  27. Good day my name is lawrence bennett, please i am in financial crises, please i don’t mind to load money to pay you guys, i will money transfer to my account like $100.000

  28. We have Bank Transferring service For You. WE use clean money 100% for transfer . ( money hack has been cleaned ) We Can Transfer Money To Most Banks In World. We Can Transfer Any Amount Depending on your bank Account . We provide this service In a Very fast, safe And Sure manner. We make Online Transfer With Transfer Info


    Your Bank Info
    Your Email Address
    Your Tell routing number/Swift
    Payment Info
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    And We Can Transfer To All Africa bank For Example:

    First Banking Corporation Limited (First Bank) Banco Federal, Banco Exterior, Banco de Venezuela, Republic Bank Limited, Hatton National Bank Ltd, ABSA Bank, FirstRand Ltd, Nedbank, The Standard Bank Group, ANZ Banking Group, ASB Bank Limited.. and more.

    NB:// I always check the balance and login details before selling. Also We Have Big Bank Login From very Bank. With High Balance And With Full Access And Full Info. We Can Sell This. And My Price Is Fair.

    • Hello PhantomHacker I was just wondering If the transfers work for Woori Bank in South Korea? thanks.

  29. Hello everyone, are you in need of hacking services? Then contact for best hacking services.
    Be warned, most of these so called hackers are imposters, I know how real hackers work, they never advertise themselves in such a credulous manners and they are always discrete.
    we do all kinds of hacking ranging from;
    -Sales of Bank ATM cards.
    -hack into email accounts and trace email location
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  30. Shit I super interested, I need some major money help for a long time, I am currently homeless in NYC and I need desperate help.

  31. Hi,

    Do you cater to India as i am in deep need of Money… have lost my job a year back and at present i am in load of debt which gives me goosebumps every night and thing of ending my life each night but when i see the faces of my kids i struggle again next day.

    Please help I am in Deep Need!!!!!!!!

  32. Hi I need your service for I have credit and debit card informations

  33. I’ve sent an email but I am very interested in your services. I’m a 24 year old single, women fighting to keep from drowning in debt. From college funds, hospital bills, car payments and court shit. I live in the US and would love to pay for a transfer!

  34. باسلام ازایران تماس میگیرم واقعابه کمک شمانیازدارم وبه 10000دلارنیازدارم لطفاکمکم کنیدهمسرم سرطان داردوبه این پول نیاردارم وگرنه اونوازدست میدهم

  35. I NEED THIS EXACTLY!!! I have n son who needs extensive health care that is both kidney are damaged I cannot afford. I need to take him to a private practice but they are SOOO MUCH. PLEASE HELP ME i dont want my son.
    This guy says he “ordered for $10,000 and paid $1050 for the transfer, it was a weekend so I was asked to wait until the next business day which is Monday. At about 9:45 am on Monday morning, I got a transfer of $10,000 !! I need something like this but I may need to do it more than once CAN ANYONE HELP ME SAVE MY SON????? PLEASE I WILL PAY YOU!!! I PRAY AND BEG PLEASE HELP ME SAVE MY SON.

  36. Good day.
    Please i need about $5m trasferred into my account. Please what should be done?

  37. Hi I need $4000 and was wondering how I get started with you and how long it will take

  38. interested in the bank transfers what is your lowest price to doing bank transfers ready to pay today email me asap.

  39. I am very interested in using tone services, can I transfer to a bank in Indonesia, how many services can I get 10,000 $, what data do I need

  40. Hello,This is a Tim how are u today?I have I have 8 children and I struggle quite a bit with my bills I do work full time but still struggle a great deal always broke trying to maintained my bills can u help me out with with some financial help

  41. Thanks guys i got my transfer like you said, i am forever grateful
    i can now pay for my daughter’s operation

  42. Greetings, I am interested in transferring funds to my $ 4000 personal account please contact me at my email. Sincerely

  43. Greetings
    I know that the phantomhackers are real,I have been scammed many times and a friend introduce me this site..hoping to get $4000 transfer to my account soon thanks

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