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With increasing number of bank users making the jump to internet and mobile banking, it’s no wonder that hackers are on the hunt for login details. It is interesting to know how hackers deploy several attacks, exploits and social engineering to in order to access your finances.

What is Bank Hacking ?.

Bank account hacking is simply a third party access to your banking profiles and then the attacker wipes your accounts transferring all the money. One is hacked when:


5 Signs your bank account has been hacked.

Lookout for these warning tips that your account could be compromised:

  • Unknown purchases:. Trying to identify debits which you don’t understand on your bank account statement may be the first clue that a hacker has infiltrated your account. Watch for transactions made in locations where you haven’t been.
  • Strange transactions:. Sometimes you’ll notice small yet unfamiliar and strange purchases. Cyber Criminals often do that to detect if your card will work before making bigger ones.
  • Restricted login:. A can hacker accesses your account from an unfamiliar location or tries your password too many times, your account may block you from logging in.
  • Phone call from your bank:. If your account is compromised, your bank may call to notify you of the recent breach. However, it’s essential that you don’t provide the caller with any personal information.
  • Closed or emptied account:. In more extreme cases, you may find that your bank account has been emptied or closed altogether.
  • Declined card:. When your account is compromised, your account could be emptied or your card could be frozen by your bank, leading to denied transactions.

Depending on your bank, it will notify you of suspicious activity and automatically cancel fraudulent charges and issue you a new card.


5 Methods Hackers Use to Break Into Your Bank Account.

Here’s a look at how hackers target your bank account.


  1. Mobile Banking Trojans

Quite often, we can manage all our finances from smartphone. Banks build official apps which enables you log in and check your account. While convenient, this has become a key attack vector for malware authors.

Fake Apps

An easy method of attack is by spoofing an existing banking app. A malware author creates a perfect replica of a bank’s app and uploads it to shady third-party sites or play store .With the download of  the bad app, you enter your username and password into it, which is then sent to the hacker.

App Hijacking

A scary version of this is the mobile banking Trojan. These aren’t disguised as a bank’s official app; they’re usually a completely unrelated app with a Trojan installed within. If you install this app, the Trojan begins to scan your phone for banking apps.

The trojans detects a banking app being launched, the malware quickly puts up a window that looks identical to the app you just booted up. If this is done smoothly enough, the user won’t notice the swap and will enter their details into the fake login page. These details are then uploaded to the malware author.

Typically, these Trojans also need an SMS verification code to complete the hack. To do this, they’ll often ask for SMS read privileges during install, so they can steal the codes as they come in.


  1. Phishing

As the public becomes savvy toward phishing tactics but hackers have escalated their efforts to trick people into clicking their links. One of their nastiest tricks is hacking the email accounts of solicitors and sending phishing emails from a previously-trusted address.

What makes this hack so devastating is how hard it would be to spot the scam. The email address would be legitimate, and the hacker could even to talk to you on a first-name basis. Recently, an unfortunate home buyer lost £67,000, despite replying to an email address that was previously legitimate.


  1. Keyloggers

This method of attack is one of the quieter ways a hacker can gain access to your bank account. Keyloggers are a type of malware that records what you’re typing and sends the information back to the hacker.

That might sound inconspicuous at first, but imagine what would happen if you typed in your bank’s web address, followed by your username and password. The hacker would have all the information they need to break into your account!.


  1. Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Bank hackers  target the communications between you and your bank’s website in order to get your details. These attacks are called Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, and the name says it all; it’s when a hacker intercepts communications between you and a legitimate service


Usually, an MITM attack involves monitoring an insecure server and analyzing the data that passes through. When you send your login details over this network, the hackers “sniff out” your details and steal them.

In some cases, a hacker will use DNS cache poisoning to change what site you visit when you enter a URL. A poisoned DNS cache means that will instead go to a clone site owned by the hacker. This cloned site will look identical to the real thing; if you’re not careful, you’ll end up giving the fake site your login details.


  1. SIM Swapping

SMS authentication codes are some of the biggest problems for hackers. Unfortunately, they have a way to dodge these checks, and they don’t even need your phone to do it!

To perform a SIM swap, a hacker contacts your network provider, claiming to be you. They state that they lost their phone, and that they’d like a transfer of their old number (which is your current number) to their SIM card.

If they’re successful, the network providers strips your phone number from your SIM and installs on the hacker’s instead. This is achievable with a social security number, as we covered in why 2FA and SMS verification isn’t 100% secure.



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