An innovative card copy method called a “deep insert skimmer device” is installed in the middle of ATMs. From outside, it is impossible to notice. Only when the ATM alarms or a bank officer peeks inside the ATM can it detect this device. The Deep Insert Skimmer instrument measures about 6.5 centimeters in length.

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Diebold Insert Skimmer, Wincor Nixdor, and NCR. Ready for work with a full kit. The battery can last up to 48 hours, and since the skimmer is within the ATM, the temperature outdoors has no impact on how long it will work. 15000 credit card tracks can be stored.

Complete Kit Include This plug-and-play product is prepared for use; simply insert and remove the included tools, data cable, and software CD.

PIN pad is an add-on option that can be ordered.

Price for an ATM Insert Skimmer starts at $1400; contact us to place an order.