Get Cash Using Stolen Credit Card 2022

When you obtain a credit card that is not your own, your first thought is, "how do I get cash out of it." In all honesty, it's pretty challenging if you don't know the basics of carding.

So I'll demonstrate how to receive cash using a credit card that has been stolen in this article. If you purchase products on e-commerce sites and resell them for less money, getting cash from a stolen credit card is feasible. You should use a drop service if you are reluctant to give up your home address.
However, this is a complicated procedure with some complexities involved. Nevertheless, it's not impossible just because it's complicated. This article aims to outline the procedures for using a stolen credit card to obtain cash.
Using this method, you can earn over $20,000 a month once you have constant access to credit cards, which isn't bad for a passive income source. Let's discuss how to convert credit cards into cash in more detail.

How to Verify Credit Card Health Before Making a Purchase

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Before withdrawing money using a stolen credit card, you should take this initial action. If you sell a dead credit card, you might be treated as a ripoff and dealt with accordingly. Therefore, you must first verify the authenticity of the credit card before using it to make a purchase.

Numerous websites on the internet claim to check whether a credit card is active or not; however, depending on the website, they charge around $0.001. Don't utilize these sites because many of them destroy credit cards. You may also discover programs online to check the status of a credit card, but it is best to avoid using them because the bulk of them serve as a backdoor for Trojan viruses.

However, the following are some reliable methods to check a credit card's status:

Purchase P*rn Membership

Access a pornographic website. Pick a membership plan that works for you. You can also choose to pay for a single movie show. Most premium pornographic websites require a nominal trial cost, allowing you to determine whether the credit card can be used to make purchases.

Make use of Skype

If the thought of visiting a pornographic website disgusts you—for some reason I can't fathom—you can use Skype to check the status of a credit card. The steps are as follows: Activate Skype and dial the magic number +18005xx5633 (masked). You will hear a woman's voicemail when you connect. Start typing the credit card number immediately, and the woman's voice will instantly stop. After entering the phone number, input the card expiration date in the following format: [MM/YY].

The message will say, "Thanks for calling; we greatly value your business; since this is your first call, we would like to connect you to," if the credit card status is live. After that, you can hang up the phone knowing that your card is valid. But the voicemail prompt would ask you to resubmit your credit card information if the credit card had been blocked or refused. Then, you can repeat the process as many times as you like. For Skype calls, a strong internet connection is required.

Get Cash Using Stolen Credit Card - 2022 Cashout Method


How to use a stolen credit card to get cash

Don't waste any time once you gain access to a credit card; proceed with the following within the next 30 minutes (before the victim's bank blocks or cancels it). Let's begin...  how to get money off someone's debit card without getting caught.

Sell the Card Information

This is the best method for getting cash with a stolen credit card. However, no matter what card you have, you must sell the information and receive payment via PayPal or Payoneer. Because this transaction is secret, wire transfers cannot be used. Phantomhacker.su allows you to buy your card details if you're interested in a legitimate site that can do so. All you have to do is write an email to the admin using the information below to get in touch with them. The platform's hackers will react quickly and try to reach an agreement. Before selling the credit card information, kindly ensure the card is active.

Online Bitcoin Purchase

Most bitcoin buying websites demand that you submit a KYC [Know Your Customer] check before you are given a chance to buy bitcoin; thus, this is rather complex. However, making a phony identification card is simple, and you can use it to demonstrate ownership. Unfortunately, since most bitcoin websites don't communicate with your bank, it is nearly impossible to determine who is the valid owner of the credit card being used.

To readily obtain the ability to buy bitcoins, you must pay a designer to build a phony identification card that you upload to the system. Alternately, you may purchase several altcoins, which might not require as much verification, hold them for a while, and then exchange them for bitcoins. Alternatively, you can buy cryptocurrency using this website, crypto.com, using a credit card.

Access Bank Account with SSN
Credit Card Cloning
swipe at a neighborhood store without being seen

Make sure there are no cameras before using your phone to pay at a nearby store to avoid being caught. You can make purchases and settle debt with a mule if you have a physical credit card.  This is a trick to withdraw money from credit card

Buy and Sell Carded goods Online

Carding refers to the illegal use of credit card information to make multiple online purchases of goods, including iPhones and other electronic devices. Instead of using them for personal purposes, the goal is to sell them as soon as possible. This is how you obtain cash with a stolen credit card. You must be knowledgeable about carding if you plan to purchase items like electronics online using a credit card that has been stolen. This can help you avoid being discovered and facing severe penalties for credit card fraud from law enforcement.


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