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Hack Credit Cards - How Hackers Do it?

We have basically two surfaces of attack, the credit card network itself and the individual. A surface of attack is just a place or an area of a system that is exposed to potential cyberattacks.

If someone hacks the entire credit card network, he might be able to direct the expenditure of multiple cards, see all transactions and potentially create new transactions and even hide his trails. The second and simpler surface of attack is the individual. In this case, if someone hacks the individual, he will be able to access his credit card and potentially use it for transactions.


You can accept credit card payments if you have a POS device. Because contactless technology takes the role of the traditional chip, you might be able to make a purchase from a card that is close enough without even touching it.

There are numerous examples of hackers using a POS while riding in a crowded subway car and lurking close to unwitting passengers' wallets. This approach works, so you ought to know about it.

It is important to note that this only functions for short transactions; for larger ones, a PIN code is necessary. Furthermore, it is impossible to create a "do it yourself POS" because the POS needs certificate keys from the credit card network in order to function. In conclusion, when you own a POS, the credit card network sends you a digital certificate that uniquely identifies you. The credit card networks are absolutely certain who is making the charge because you cannot independently generate this certificate.

Thus, using this technique, a hacker might survive for a few days. Police will finally knock on your door because you have been thoroughly identified and tracked. As a result, you are relatively safe because this is not a significant strategy that could endanger your cash. Additionally, banks are now sending you an SMS to alert you anytime a transaction is made, and you may even use a shielded wallet to block contactless signal. You are fairly safe if you obtain the wallet and activate the SMS.

Banger, METHOD #2: Online Credit Card Hacking Methods

Things are different online. In this case, physical access to the credit card is not necessary for the hacker. He only needs to be aware of the figures. A credit card cannot be compromised because it is not a linked device. Instead, the target of the hack is the person. It should come as no surprise that a person is easier to hack than a computer as technology systems get stronger and better.

Phishing is the method that hackers utilize in this case. To try to get your credit card numbers, they pose as someone else, most frequently a reputable business. As an illustration, they can send you an email that appears to be an order confirmation from Amazon.com informing you that there was a problem. If you click on the email, however, you will be taken to a website that is exactly replica of Amazon.com but is not. Instead, it's a false website that the hacker is in charge of.

You are asked to enter your credit card information on this phishing website in a way that appears very legitimate, but it is not. The hacker now has your credit card holder information, expiration date, and security code instead of making a payment for Amazon. He will then be able to make payments on your behalf using this information.

Therefore, the true question is not how to steal credit cards but rather how to hack people. The most common method is still phishing, but there are many levels of it. Some, like the Nigerian Prince hoax, are clear-cut examples of SPAM and dubious business practices. They take advantage of the fact that if you are credulous enough to trust them, you will also be credulous enough to send money. Even the most alert person may fall for one of the well-crafted websites that other hacker groups create.

Most credit cards now employ two-factor authentication, so that whenever a payment is made, the legal credit card owner receives an SMS with a code he must enter to validate the payment, even as the hacker acquires the credit card details. The Verified by VISA code and the MasterCard Security ID are two examples of this. With these techniques, a hacker who has access to your credit card information is helpless. In the absence of those, or if the hacker gets access to your phone, he may be able to delete your entire bank account in addition to other information.

Overall, the likelihood of being hacked in this manner is low, but if it happens, the results could be disastrous. The best safety measure is to enter your credit card information carefully and never as a result of an email.



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