Become a Hacker and Make Money

"Hackers are incredible!" Every time you visit a website, you see this. Their actions in the movies leave you in awe. Your hopes of learning how to hack in 15 minutes will come true after reading this post.

You can get started by learning how to crack someone's password. You must master the art of hacking if you want to work as a fraudster or indulge in illicit activity. With the creation of the "C" programming language by Dennis Ritchie in the 1970s, hacking as we know it today got its start. However, the phrase was first used in the 1960s at Cambridge, Massachusetts' Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private research university.

Note: When I say "hacker," I don't mean script kids who utilize pre-made software to carry out insignificant hacking operations. There's  limits to how to hack money in real life and script kid's fantasies. I am aware that being a hacker is difficult, yet even the most skilled hackers today had humble beginnings. You would eventually want to give up. You're ready to enter a new level of hacking when you start to feel like giving up.

Introduction to Hacking

I developed an interest in learning how to hack. It just took me 15 minutes in the early 2000s. I left the white hat hacking sector after a year of scripting, programming, and pondering. I was unable to get around a particular chore, which was pretty aggravating. Three months later, I went back to work and succeeded. Do you wish to know which position? Don't worry about it till you arrive. Maybe you will develop a money hacker app, I wish you success as you start.

Who are Hackers?

A hacker typically develops their skills in programming and technical problem-solving utilizing computers, their brains, and other mechanical equipment. There are six main categories of hackers. A hacktivist, a cracker, a scripter, a white hat, a black hat, a grey hat, and so on are among them.

White Hat Hacker

He or she is completely focused on ethics rather than unwanted access. This caught my attention, and it's really cool. An ethical hacker is another name for a white-hat hacker. For people who want to learn how to work as an ethical hacker for hire, this area is for you.

Black Hat Hacker

The goal of this is to gain illegal access to whatever the target is—the internet, software, etc.—and is the antithesis of white hat.

Grey Hat Hacker

Black hat hackers are grey hat hackers. However, he or she exposes the security holes in a company's system.


This category of hackers is represented by the majority of movies that feature hackers. Hacktivists can be either white-hat or black-hat hackers. This hacking group typically seeks to highlight political issues. These hackers are actually employed, particularly during election seasons. This is the category for you if you're interested in learning how to hack for the government.


Crackers make the most noise. Despite not being hackers, they think they are. These are the self-described hackers who crack video games for money, rewrite programs, etc.


The class hacker is not the core hacker. They do not have the label of hacker. They conduct their operations using pre-made equipment, and the outcomes are not always perfect. They frequently pay for the tools and provide their trade secrets to the tool creators.

Note: Hacking can be done by a person or a group. I advise beginners to start in a group so they can learn more quickly.

What is Hacking

Since everyone sees hacking in movies, they all believe it involves breaking into a networking system. Do you think so? The truth is that a hacker's job does not stop with identifying weak points in a network that they may exploit. Hacking also includes data collection and internet intrusion. Finding information and utilizing the news are the two main components of hacking. Cutting into servers and obtaining information are both equally involved in having.

Hacking may target websites, databases of businesses, P2P networks, etc. Hey, run away when someone offers to teach you how to hack in 15 minutes! That is cracking instead of hacking, which requires pre-made tools. I'm outlining the fundamentals of how to work for the government as a hacker in this article. You'll also discover that it takes perseverance to learn how to become a computer genius or hacker.

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Basics of Ethical Hacking: How to Become a Hacker
1. Choose a hacking specialty

You need to know what kind of hacker you want to be. I listed six different types of hackers. Each of these hackers works hard and earns a good living over time. Ethical hackers are thought to be the wealthiest group of all. Black hat hackers' net worth is unknown, but their contacts are what make them rich. So that you know, they also run the danger of getting arrested. Do you wish to become the kind of hacker who amazes your friends? Spy on your girlfriend? Or do you intend to build a hacking career and profit from hacking? Additionally, be aware that to succeed, you must adhere to the requirements of each specialty.

2. Understanding a Computer's More Complex Functions

You must have the extensive technical knowledge to become a hacker. A computer can be used for more than just watching movies, making video calls, messaging, playing games, editing videos, and creating graphics. It has several functionalities that the manufacturers never tell you about. These functionalities can only be accessed by using either built-in or third-party software.

Know the fundamentals of computer networking as well. Be wary of acronyms like DNS, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6, VLANS, NAT, ARP, and others. Lastly, become familiar with utilizing the command prompt to communicate with and teach the computer. Then, you may continue if you can alter the registry without causing the system to crash.

3. Learn to program

Without coding, you can't become a hacker. So you don't have to be here if you have not yet learned to code. Perhaps you're interested in learning how to hack in minutes. You must be able to code unless this is the case. Others promise to teach you how to hack without any coding knowledge. It's true, but does that automatically qualify you as a hacker? Furthermore, you risk encouraging them to improve their hacking skills by sharing your ideas with them.

For instance, I saw crowds of individuals swarming a page with the message "Hack a Facebook Account by Inputting Username Here." Do you believe they'll reply to you by saying something like, "Here is the hacked account"? They won't ever reveal it to you, even if they manage to hack that account. Learn how to code, comprehend the ethics, and create something using it. For instance, there are numerous approaches to hacking a Facebook account. Likewise, you need coding knowledge if you're utilizing an SS7 attack or credential harvester like Kali Linux.

4. Make a language choice for programming

There are several different programming languages available. Pick a programming language you are comfortable with and get to know it. I would advise using the C programming language as a starting point. Except for those who desire to advance, it is what most hackers employ. With its quick assembly language, you could break into almost anything. The fact that UNIX is written in the C programming language is something else I enjoy about it. You might as well choose C++.

In this guide, I'll divide hacking into two categories: networking and databases. First, let's discuss these two hacking facets.

5. Write HTML Using WWW

The graphics, writing, and everything else on phantomhacker.su are all made possible via HTML coding. Open your computer's browser and confirm if you want. Right-click on phantomhacker.su after opening it. In Firefox, click the inspect page element option. There ought to be a collection of HTML codes there. If you don't understand what HTML is all about, you might not understand what they mean. Search the internet briefly and attempt performing some tasks independently. However, if you're determined, it's not tough.

6. Have a passion for cryptography?

When you reach this point, you've practically created a hacking lord for yourself. As a newbie, put off learning this hacking stage until you're proficient with the ones above. I won't elaborate on this much right now. However, it isn't a bad idea if you can incorporate this in the beginning of your studies.

Expanding Your Database Knowledge

Coding is the foundation of hacking, as I mentioned earlier. Choose PHP, Java, Python, SQL, UNIX, etc. if you're terrified of database hacking. Let me introduce you to the coding language I just stated.


PHP is fantastic for linking forms or web pages to the database. However, before diving into PHP, you should have a working knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. HTML is the most crucial because we're talking about the internet. You are on your way to becoming a full-time data retriever and black hat hacker with PHP.  Knowing PHP and MySQL allows you to modify the database however you choose.

Java Script

JavaScript is necessary for hacking, although you may become one without it. Certain situations will undoubtedly demand JavaScript expertise to get around. To be very good, having a solid grasp of HTML would be beneficial. Data theft is possible online thanks to JavaScript. With this programming skills, you can follow targets and get the information you need for anything online. Additionally, you'll find it simple to hack application software for any purpose.


Python is a simple language to learn. It can simply obtain information from the database without authorization and is most suitable for beginners.


People trust database encryption to protect their personal information. A hacker may, however, quickly decrypt and extract this data using MySQL or SQL. The data can then be changed and any information entered. Destructive scripts that can shut down the database and hide your exit after the fact may even be installed by you. You must hone your hacking abilities if you want to learn how to work for the government as a hacker.


Both PHP and UNIX are written in C. Because UNIX depends on commands, knowing how it works indicates you're in the hacking world. I thought I knew everything while using Windows 7 and Max OS, but that was before I installed a UNIX operating system. Due to its intricacy, a novice would not know anything about Linux. There are more Linux distributions besides Kali Linux, which I used, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Parrot, Linux Mint, BackBox, etc. You can use any of these OS to run UNIX programs.

You're wasting your time if you talk about UNIX using Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Due to its lack of restrictions, unlike Microsoft, the Mac OS is even better. Start with Kali Linux like I did if you're prepared to feel anxious and annoyed. Then, choose Ubuntu if you want something less annoying. I can't promise that it will be any less frustrating, though.

How to Become a hacker and Make Money

Use your creativity

Being authentic and creating something new are key components of creativity. I started by creating a virus and an antivirus program that can destroy it. There are plenty other things you might choose, work on, and succeed at. You could create an identity theft app and test it out on your buddies.

Maintain Your Concentration

You need to have discipline if you want to hack ethically. Writing codes is only one aspect of understanding hacking. Bugs would prevent you from succeeding, which can be incredibly irritating for a newbie, especially after hours of diligent work.

Avoid ignoring a problem

Once I walked away from a difficulty, but a few months later I came back. It would have been ridiculous if I hadn't returned. I succeeded in meeting the challenge and improved. There are times when you want to smash your computer. Although it isn't a waste of time, it will seem that way. Take a pause instead of leaving. Your brain might become overworked at times and needs time to recharge.

Examine hacking forums

Become a member of a reputable hacker forum, such as HackerForum. Dark web forums exist that cover the most enigmatic facets of hacking. You would really like being there, and I would adore you too. I'm not going to post the links here for some reason. Additionally, to access them, you need secure networks like Tor. Forget about Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. They are unable to lead you there. DuckDuckGo might be able to, but only with regular browsers.

Consult online sources

While some resources are free, some require payment. Choose anyone to accelerate your learning. A few paid hacking guides are also available for free on dark web hacking communities.

Be a ghost

Oh, and try to avoid being a trouble-making hack student. In the worst situation, you might attract federal authorities who will start snooping around your neighborhood. Keep your mouth shut and always cover your front and back cameras when browsing the web. One other thing: proceed with caution when using the dark web. I have been there, and even though it seems like nothing is going there, it is messy.

How to Assist the Hacking Community and Learn from It

Test and fix open source software

Software developers occasionally ask consumers to test their products before public release. This is frequently done by businesses like Google with their software to determine where to edit and other things. Take a chance and explore your options with these products. When using closed source software, avoid doing this. Do not, however, disseminate such software if you are tempted to.

Articles written by hackers

This helped me develop my talents. You'll draw professionals who will swarm in to make fixes or give you advice on your problems when you publish the little, you know. Some people are severe in their corrections. As a result, avoid writing in a brilliant manner. Additionally, at the conclusion of each article, say that you are open to corrections.

Share Any Hacking Experiences You Have

You might achieve this by contributing to forums and responding to queries in subject areas you are knowledgeable about. Do you have a desire to hack? Please let me know in the comments. In the end, when you succeed as a hacker, you can utilize the talent to amuse your loved ones and gather bank account information.


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