It is pretty surreal that you are interested in learning how to steal identities without being discovered. It is certainly possible to get away with identity theft, but this is entirely up to you. Furthermore, the use of another person's identity makes it even more difficult to be discovered. You might also leave traces, which this article will assist you avoid doing and allow you to remain a "ghost."


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By conducting a background check on your target, you can commit identity theft undetected. Do not rely on proxies or VPNs to remain invisible online. Stay off the grid at all times and avoid using internet services provided by Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc.

You could always lose your luck—by which I mean your chance of avoiding capture. Therefore, you should not have entire faith in anything that makes a claim to protect your true identity. You can't even trust your own tools for operations.

How to steal identities without being detected

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There aren't many publications that explain how to do identity theft without getting caught. But we're breaking the enchantment in order to give you some useful advice. The following are the processes for committing identity theft covertly:

1. Background check

Background checks are required by more than just financial institutions and employment. As an identity thief, it's crucial for you to understand how to run a background check on a potential victim.  The first is that you don't want to adopt the persona of someone who is impoverished. If you were to commit ID theft using your SSN, you wouldn't want to utilize a form of identification with a poor credit history. Your request for a loan will be denied. Furthermore, such SSN may be purchased cheaply on the black web.

Background checks also make it clear what kind of person you are working with. Is the individual whose identity you stole a soldier? a physician? a techie You can make better selections if you are aware of your victim's profession. What you ought to be asking right now is, "How do you conduct a background check on a person?" For this, you need the right equipment and resources. Because discussing background checks is not the purpose of this particular tutorial, utilize the comment area.

2. Hide yourself online

The most difficult and frequently misrepresented component of identity theft is the need to remain anonymous online. Without a question, proxies and VPNs are great. Unfortunately, utilizing a stolen ID while using a VPN to hide your internet ID is not completely safe. Any electronic equipment you use, including your computer, could be the signal used by security organizations to identify you. But VPNs are a decent option to maintain your anonymity. Being offline is the only unlucky method to remain anonymous online. In this situation, you should browse using free public WiFi. Hey, always utilize the incognito mode on your browsers. Avoid using any of the widely used browsers, and instead use Tor.

3. Avoid cameras

Your enemy is any kind of camera, especially when it's recording something. One of your OpSec qualities that you should always be practicing is avoiding cameras. Even the camera on your smartphone might act as an enemy. Although you can use one, use caution. I do not even suggest utilizing a personal computer. Before beginning any computer-related operations using your stolen identity, cover the camera.

You are aware that local police can ask businesses for video records during investigations, and that surveillance cameras are constantly watching for suspicious activity. You don't want your face to be taken since that could turn you in. Or what did you assume when I said at the beginning of this tutorial that I would remain a "ghost"?

4. Avoid Google, Microsoft services, and more

For complete anonymity, you must prevent the internet's largest companies from knowing who you are. You don't want to get caught since these folks have a means of connecting you to an identity theft investigation. Have you ever wondered why organizations and people despise online behemoths like Google and Facebook? They are interested in every aspect of you, including your thoughts.

You must have looked for this article online because you are currently reading it. Most likely, you searched using Google or Bing. These services may have stored your search results now (though you can block them from your settings). They are aware that you have read about how to get away with identity theft without leaving a trail that can lead to your arrest.

5. Apply your ID theft method



Not necessarily stealing from them, a theft method is merely one of the ways you can profit from using someone else's name or their ID for fraud. Depending on the individual whose identity you have, you can use a variety of theft techniques. This reinforces the rationale for which I identified conducting a background check as a crucial step.

If your target is a farmer, you may borrow money for agriculture in their name. This will speed up the process because records will demonstrate that the person hiding the identity is a farmer. If the victim is an older adult or someone who society considers to be "weak," you should utilize techniques like phishing, etc., using their identity. You can create a phony lawyer's profile that can be used to identify your identity victim if they are an attorney. While their potential clients think you are the genuine lawyer, you pay out in their name.

6. Do not cash all at once

Your error will be to attempt to cash a sizable sum of money immediately. Identity theft is a crime that is committed covertly and unnoticed. Whatever you intend to do or how much money you wish to collect shouldn't be loud. The goal is to avoid raising suspicion in the identity's owner by any means necessary. Your best option is to abort if the owner learns about your plots after you inadvertently signaled them.

Access Bank Account with SSN

What are some ways someone can commit identity theft?

Identity theft examples are common in the news, what are some of the ways identity theft can happen?

  • Smishing

Someone having a stolen identity can be "smished." Let's imagine that you stole the identity of a famous person. In this situation, it is simple to gain people's trust through false promises and persuade them to follow your instructions, including paying a specific sum of money in exchange for exclusive advantages from you.

Smishing can be carried out by text messaging, just like phishing. You can steal from someone by assuming the identity of their close buddy in addition to exploiting the identity of a famous person. For instance, if you follow my guide to hack someone's Facebook account, you will persuade that person's Facebook friends to invest in a scam platform that turns all of their money over to you. Alternately, you may ask them to pay you money while posing as their Facebook buddy.

  • Phishing

Phishing is primarily associated with email. Here, you pretend to be someone or a company your victim knows while sending them unwanted and malicious messages. With a phishing website, you can pretend to be Facebook.com, Gmail.com, someone's bank, etc. Now that the victim believes the URL you supplied them is authentic, they follow it, allowing you to compromise their data. Scammers typically employ this technique to effectively spam bank logs and pay out.

  • Skimming

The skimming technique can be used to rip off a person. When someone's credit or debit card information is stolen, this is known as skimming. Assuming their identity, you either sell the card information on the dark web or any carding site, or you use the stolen card information to make online purchases without an OTP.

There are numerous ways to card using CC, which stands for credit card information or details. For information on carding, read my masterclass essay. A tool known as a skimmer is used for skimming. The information from the target's card is collected by this gadget, and you determine what to do with it. Naturally, it also collects the card PIN. Advanced con artists can duplicate and put the information onto a real credit card.

Do those who steal identities end up being apprehended?

Anyone who steals someone's identity has a chance of being caught, including you. However, how you act will ultimately determine if you are discovered conducting identity theft. Of course, there are several things for which you could be held accountable, but we won't mention them here to deter you from committing identity fraud. However, if you are concerned about the punishment, utilize the comment box and I will explain the result based on your location.

The punishment cannot be generalized because every state has a unique statute. But when it comes to identity theft, no state statute is helpful.

How may charges of identity theft be defeated?

With the help of an accomplished attorney, you can defeat identity theft allegations. The charges against you, the offense you committed, the seriousness of the crime, and any legal defenses your attorney may have will all influence how they are handled by your attorney. Even if your lawyer is unable to disprove the accusations of identity theft made against you, they could be able to lessen the punishment. By receiving less punishment for stealing and implicating someone else's identity, it turns into a win-win scenario.


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