Making Money as a Hacker

Due to their high demand, most hackers are wealthy. However, some of them desire more than merely regular salaries. They want to be in charge of their income and limit it, which gives rise to the notion of making money illegally.

In this essay, I'll explain how hackers generate money illegally if you're a hacker looking for some illicit ways to eke out a living. Credit card data theft and sales are an effective means of illegitimate income for hackers. By itself, wire transfer fraud caused losses of 439 million USD in 2019, according to Statista. Hackers who are constantly on the alert and looking for security failures from credit card owners and companies stole most of this sum. In addition to stealing credit card information, hackers can also use the other methods we'll list below to generate income unlawfully.

10 Unlawful Ways Hackers Make Money

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($20 to $200) Compromised Email Address Sale

One of the most significant illegal money sources for hackers is the sale of compromised company email addresses on various online black marketplaces. The list is sold to scammers active in BCE scams, internet shops, and marketing firms. The scammers use these emails to access a business that can track payment messages, alter the bank account information so that payment should go to theirs instead of the intended recipient, and receive compensation.

BCE scams cost companies, corporations, and individuals approximately $2 billion annually. Since they are primarily interested in selling the emails and data to fraudsters actively engaging in the scam, most hackers don't take a sizable portion of these sums. One thousand emails typically sell for $20 to $200 on an internet black market, depending on their quality. With more emails being sent, scammers will undoubtedly make a fortune.

Ransomware Offenses (Price is limitless)

These attacks, commonly called crypto lockers, involve viruses that encrypt data from a victim's personal computer. As a result, a computer owner cannot access the computer's files once more without the key. This is a form of blackmail that can be used to demand the victim pay several thousand dollars. These extortion and blackmail tools can be expensive to design but pay off handsomely for hackers who use them on their victims. Some sources claim that a city in the United States paid hackers over $900,000 to get their data back. If you choose the suitable victim to attack, you can make millions per month as a hacker.

Malware and Botnet Sales ($100,000 – $500,000)

This is another well-liked but less frequent technique demonstrating how hackers make money. A never-ending race between hackers and online security specialists results when patches and upgrades are released following a security breach or exploit. Therefore, if a hacker finds a new hole in a network's security or that of an application or company, they sell it to other hackers and utilize that method to profit.

Keyloggers are a common type of malware that aids hackers in earning money illegally. On the victim's PC, this virus is used to infect and steal hashes from cryptocurrency wallets. The hacker's wallet is automatically credited with the cryptocurrency after the passwords are stolen.

$30 to $50 for social media hacking services

This is one of the ancillary services offered by "real" hackers. I frequently observe young people on social media asking for hacker assistance to take control of a friend's or partner's account. This is another effective technique for hackers to earn money illegally, but most hackers decline the task because the payment is typically in the form of something tangible. This would be a great place to start if you're a budding BlackHat hacker and earn some cash.

Information Trade ($200,000 – $800,000)

Selling information on governments, businesspeople, and celebrities to those who are interested is the definition of information trade. What happens to the information when you learn about these folks being attacked? Simply put, your goal as a hacker is to steal this information and sell it to those that are interested. The majority of stolen data is exchanged on information exchanges, although it can also be used for extortion or as intelligence. There are many legitimate information exchanges that media organizations and intelligence services employ to obtain information. The price of this data ranges from a few thousand to millions of dollars.

Selling Courses ($50)

When you feel too skilled and knowledgeable to teach others, you establish your own training program. Posting tutorials on groups is a new strategy for hackers who haven't found a lucrative gig. They go after newbie hackers who are eager to learn more exploitation techniques. Then, these new hackers utilize their just-learned techniques to demand hundreds of thousands of dollars from small businesses and private individuals.

Government hired guns (Depends on your pricing and expertise)

In particular, government forces hire some hackers to set up security holes and steal sensitive data from their adversaries. Through a back door, the government employs these hackers to find other hackers, steal private information from rival nations, or even conduct industrial and economic espionage. They are employed legally or stay unidentified till their task is accomplished. Here's how to get started if you're interested.




Is WhiteHat hacking profitable as well?

The pay for whitehat hackers, sometimes known as skilled hackers or security defenders, is good, but it isn't comparable to the money blackhat hackers make from working on criminal projects. Because earning money illegally requires performing shady tasks, any hacker who does so is regarded as a blackhat. To secure their networks and safeguard their data, large organizations like Apple, Banks, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and others frequently hire whitehat hackers. Whitehat hackers make between $90,000 and $350,000 annually.


Most of the aforementioned services I have listed above are ways that hackers make money illegally. Even yet, occasionally they receive a little assistance from insiders who already work for the company. Take this 15-minute course on hacking to learn the basics of hacking and gain an understanding of what it takes to become a hacker. After that, you can learn more sophisticated strategies to get better. Your chances of winning millions of dollars increase as a result.


Do hackers make money ? If you followed me from the beginning of this post till now, I believe you can answer that question with conviction