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Family reunion, admitting immigrants with talents that are advantageous to the American economy, protecting refugees, and fostering diversity are the foundations of U.S. immigration law. Basic details on the structure and operation of the legal immigration system in the United States are provided in this fact sheet.

The Immigration and Nationality Act is the body of legislation in charge of determining American immigration policy (INA). According to the INA, the United States may issue up to 675,000 different visa categories for permanent immigrants each year. In addition to those 675,000 visas, there is no annual cap on the number of U.S. citizens' spouses, parents, and minor children who can enter the country. Additionally, the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program requires the president to determine an annual amount of refugees to be admitted through consultation with Congress.

A person enters the country with an immigrant visa and becomes a lawful permanent resident (LPR). Non-citizens who are already in the country may occasionally be able to apply for LPR status through a procedure called "adjustment of status."

LPRs can apply for almost all employment (those that aren't legally only open to Americans) and can live in the U.S. permanently, even if they're unemployed. LPRs can seek for citizenship after living in the country for five years (or three years in certain situations). Without first becoming an LPR, it is not feasible to apply for citizenship through the standard procedure.

The United States also temporarily accepts a variety of noncitizens each year. These so-called "non-immigrant" visas are given to everyone, including tourists, international students, and temporary workers with long-term visas. Other non-immigrant visas (including tourist and student visas), in contrast to some employment-based visas, have no numerical restrictions.


Always carry identification that is legal to use in place of a passport. A passport's likelihood of expiration during the six-month visiting visa status can serve as justification for denying entry to the US.

Carrying completed green cards or visa applications that may be filed after you reach the border as proof of your U.S. immigration status. visiting the nation while in possession of papers indicating that you plan to do business there.

If you possess property in the US and have proof that you are maintaining, repairing, or collecting rent on a rental property. This can be a sign that you don't have a work permit to work in the United States.

Traveling in a vehicle that is not in your name on the registration. driving a car with your name on the title in a nation where you don't live or have legal immigration status. traveling with a spouse, friend, or another person whose immigration status in the nation you are trying to enter differs from your own.

Visiting the U.S. with the intention of getting married to a U.S. citizen or resident while there, or arriving in the U.S. after recently marrying a U.S. citizen in Canada. Don't try to cross the border while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

A common name increases your risk of being mistaken for someone on a terrorist watch list who has the same name as you. Your full name should always be written out in a passport. use different names on your ticket and passport.

Always keep a return ticket on hand. One-way airline tickets might be problematic. An admittance refusal may be due to a last-minute purchase of a ticket. traveling with a person who possesses one or more of the red flags listed above.


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