Scam Credit Cards

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To obtain credit card information from my clients and live a luxurious life using the cards, I will now explain how to become a credit card fraudster. There are both fundamental and sophisticated techniques and courses that you must master if you want to be a credit card scammer. You cannot possibly become a credit card scammer without taking multiple tutorials from more experienced senior credit card scammer. In this article, I'll go over the fundamental and more complex techniques you can use to con folks out of their credit cards.

What is a Credit Card?

The Nerd Wallet defines a credit card as a card that enables you to make purchases even without paying for them. There are two different sorts of cards used abroad, which makes it challenging for inexperienced yahoo lads to identify which one their clients are actually using. The two kinds of cards that are utilized abroad are;

  • Debit Card
  • Credit card.

With the exception of the words "Credit" and "Debit" inscribed on the card's body, both of these cards appear to be identical. Every credit card fraudster searches for a few critical pieces of information before beginning to extort money from their victims, and they are;

  • The credit card number
  • The expiry date
  • The CVC
  • Credit card name

how to be a credit card scammer

A credit card

All credit card holders are guarding this information against con artists like you and me. This article attempts to demonstrate how you can obtain this knowledge and begin using the card to flex funds.

Why Credit Card?

Why must it be a credit card? might be a question posed by some fresh Yahoo males. Why aren't there other card types? The solution is straightforward;

You can use a credit card to make purchases even if you don't have any cash in your bank account. In contrast, a debit card only allows you to make purchases up to the amount that is available in your bank. Imagine having to load a credit card with $10,000, and then after loading it with another customer's funds, being able to withdraw up to around $50,000. Due to this, credit cards are the most effective cards for online card theft.

How does using a credit card operate?

A credit card functions on a relatively straightforward system. As I previously stated, a credit card is a plastic card that banks and other financial institutions issue to account holders. It contains data related to your credit account and is integrated into them. You can furthermore buy stuff using credit. This implies that you can use the money in segments rather than collecting it all at once after taking out a loan. This is because spending money comes from the bank, not from you personally.

You are not permitted to spend more than the account's spending limit when purchasing a credit card. If you study the article in its entirety, you will discover every other information regarding how a credit card functions. Now that we understand how it operates let's look at how to generate money quickly and successfully as a credit card scammer.

How Can I Scam Credit Cards Successfully? Following are the steps.

There are numerous  credit card scamming format. See our steps below.

Locate a Client

One of the initial steps somebody trying to learn how to defraud credit cards would do is this. This should be your first move if you are unfamiliar with the technical methods of gathering credit card information. For armatures, I'd say you should try the dating scene to land your first customer. However, since most of your clients won't trust you with their credit card information unless they are already deeply in love, it could be challenging for you as a newbie. Your first client can be found in various locations, as I mentioned in the yahoo boy introductory series. So long as you discover your client, it doesn't matter which option works for you.

Study phishing

By building a false website where users may use their credit cards and you can access their credit card information, you can conduct phishing attacks. You will build a credit card scammer websites.

learn phishing to be a credit card scammer


A Phishing scammer

It all depends on the methods you want to employ in order to obtain the information. You can employ a variety of strategies, depending on which is suitable for you. You must take these procedures in order to engage in phishing:

  • Get a Domain name
  • Host the phishing website
  • Create the site
  • Start stealing information – especially credit cards from your victims.

The website you want to build could be anything from a government tax website to a commerce website. Anyone who complements your strategy would be beneficial to you.

Purchase on the Dark Web

You can make purchases on the dark web if you don't want to waste time getting your credit card. For a certain price, many hackers are eager to sell your credit card information. Going to the dark web might be risky since you could end up getting hacked or the victim of a fraud.


the dark web to buy credit cards

The Dark Web

Going to the dark web as an armature is difficult because you lack the appropriate equipment. However, I'll outline the processes for anyone trying to commit a credit card scam.

How to use the dark web to purchase credit card information

Get the Tor browser, Install and turn on a VPN. Open the Tor browser, then go to this website and check the onion sites connection. then go to the credit card sales marketplace.


Use a powerful VPN to prevent hackers from accessing your phone or computer!!!




Learn Carding

You must become skilled at carding if you want to cheat people out of their money. As new methods for maliciously hacking credit cards are discovered, credit card fraud is increasing today. The usage of credit cards will soon become widespread as the globe moves toward becoming cashless. Carding is a process that is so intricate that I will have to write a lot about it. But trust me when I say that carding is one of the simplest ways to steal credit card information without being discovered or victimized yourself.

I'll let everyone know when I publish an article on carding so they may read it and learn from it. But until then, you can continue to learn about carding and share your findings with me. If you want to receive all of my content in your inbox, remember to subscribe.

Recognize the Manpower

The best way to be a credit card fraudster would be to have various tools. A web browser, a fake phone number generator, a phony voice caller, a VPN, RDP, Socks, and a CCleaner are a few tools to watch out for. Depending on how you plan to con people using credit cards, you might require extra tools, such as a video cloning app.

Consider using a mobile phone, a chat app, a phony phone number, and a voice changer to phish for credit card information. In this case, you will call or chat with the target using an incorrect phone number. The next step is to pretend to contact their bank and ask for their account information.

When using the phishing technique, you often contact the target and tell them that their account has problems that must be fixed to prevent closure. Once the target has fallen for your scam, you can use their bank login information to access their account and steal money.

Have a Bank Drop

Tracking is made simpler by depositing the funds obtained through credit card fraud into a personal bank account. It is preferable to construct or have a bank drop. To prevent you from being tracked by authorities, the money you earn will be sent to the bank account. Use a money mule if you are unable to set up a bank drop. Money mules take in illicit funds and turn them into legitimate funds. However, they levied a commission, usually 10%. Next, if you want to receive money fully anonymously, you need a cryptocurrency account.


After reading through the 3 fraud method above, you can see how a credit card scammer makes thousands in cash a day. It's a lucrative business .