You can download the information from the EMV Chip Card Shimmer by connecting your phone/laptop (or any other compatable device) by bluetooth to the Skimmer Device. No internet connection is required.

General Information:

  • Device does not need a power supply, since it uses the original smart card readers power from the ATM or POS.
  • Device is extremely thin and fits perfectly into all CHIP card readers shallow enterance.
  • Device can work from -20 to +45 degrees.
  • Device memory can store up to 2000 data records (individual credit-cards)

How to Use:

  1. Put a little bit of super glue on the 4 Corners of EMV Skimmer Device.
  2. Insert the reader EMV Skimmer Device to the CHIP card reader using the supporting card and remove it from the reader.
  3. To extract data from the mounted device, connect with your phone, tablet or laptop Bluetooth to download the information.
  4. Use the included software to convert data from the encrypted data to plain-text format *.txt
  5. You are finished! You can find complete instructions and additional tips in the included manual.

Now you can do an exact copy of the cloned records. The end result is an exact copy of the original card. To do this, use the provided chip card reader / writer and prepaid ISO 7816 IC chip cards.


  • EMV Shimmer Device – The main skimmer device to steal the credit-card information.
  • Data Eraser Card – Special data removal card to erase the collected data records.
  • Data Software – Software to convert data from the encrypted data to plain-text format *.txt
  • Chip Card Standard ISO7816 – Prepaid chip card standard ISO7816 to store data records.
  • IC Chip Card Reader / WriterReader / Writer to put the data to your new IC card.
  • User Manual – Manual containing detailed instructions of how to use the device.



The EMV Chip Card Shimmer Device is a device that is installed within an ATM or POS to intercept and record credit card data sent between the chip card and the ATM or POS’s chip reader. All credit card information is intercepted and recorded in this manner.

You will have fast and easy Track-1Track-2, and PIN from all the credit card’s that use those ATM or POS.


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