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We are a group of Russian hackers with over 15 years of experience, we specialize on bank hacking, ATM hacking and professional bank transfer services . Our services is the best you can get online, ny other person or group of persons you see offering this services on other website is not in any way affiliated with us. This is the official website of Phantom Hackers. Feel free to contact us for professional hacking services other than the service we have listed on this site. We are unique in the following support services:


  • Friendly 24hr support service
  • Communication in Clear and understandable language
  • Price negotiation for big buyers
  • The only professional bank transfer service available



We offer mainly two services on this site, that is bank transfer services and Atm card cloning Services.


Please also note( especially for new customers) That  we only use one email and messenger contact for support.


For any other queries visit our Frequently Asked Questions


10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey so I tried to do something like this earlier before but I was unable to proceed when I got the atm fee of 3 dollars. It needed to charge my credit union 3 dollars but it declined the transaction. How to I use your cards when there is an ATM fee?

  2. What is the details for the bank transfers
    And how much will it cost

  3. I am interested in purchasing dump cards for use in the U.S. Please give me information on cost and how to send you payment. Thanks!

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